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Concealed Weapons Classes 

South Carolina Concealed Weapons Permits Information

Class $80.00
includes fingerprints,etc.
You can call the store at 859-3500 to register or e-mail john@garnershuntin.com

Upon completion of the class you will send $50.00 to the South Carolina Law enforcement Division for the background check. We, at Garner's Huntin and Fishin the outdoors,LLC , provide the gun, the target, the ammo and the envelope to mail your packet to SLED.

Please do not bring any firearms to class as no firearms are allowed!!

Class starts at 8:00 AM (so plan on being here at 7:45am )and the class will end around 3:30 to 4:00 PM. We do everything in one day. You ,(the student), have the option of coming in on Friday, the day before the class, at 3:45 PM and pre-qualify on the range. This will allow you to get finished with the class early on Saturday (about 1:30 to 2:00 PM). When we dismiss class, any student who shot on Friday during the pre-shoot is free to go and anybody who has not pre-qualified must then go to the range to complete the class.

All South Carolina Concealed Weapons classes are held here at the store in a classroom style environment.We take plenty of breaks and a lunch. Our firing range is also private. All firing on the range is "one on one , two shooters at a time in order to train our students the best we can." If you would like to shoot by yourself, that can be arranged. We provide a .22 LR target pistol for you to qualify with. After you receive your permit you may carry the weapon of your choice. You do not have to carry the same caliber you qualified

Safety is our primary concern and will be vigorously enforced!

Schedule Your Own Class
We will schedule a South Carolina concealed weapons permit class any day of the week. If you have a minimum of 10 students, we will teach a class for you on the day of your choice ! We have taught several classes for businesses and special circumstances and will for you. Give us a call at 859-3500 or e mail us at john@garnershuntin.com and we will get it done.

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Event Calendar 

Saturday - 8/25
7:45 am Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Saturday - 9/1
8:00 am Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Saturday - 9/15
8:00 am Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Saturday - 10/6
8:00 am Concealed Weapons Permit Class

Saturday - 11/3
8:00 am Concealed Weapons Permit Class
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